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The Leadership Podcast

The Leadership Podcast

Why do we do this?

We interview great leaders, review the books they read, and speak with highly influential authors who study them.

How we do this?

#1 We interview great leaders.
#2 We review the books great leaders read and write.
#3 We have fun!

Oct 31, 2018

It’s a Jim and Jan Halloween episode! To get into the spooky spirit, they tell us what scares them the most, both professionally and personally. They then discuss ways in which fear can help us prepare, motivate and leave us stronger. Whether it’s a fear of public speaking, networking, or delegating, this episode...

Oct 24, 2018

Jeffrey Pfeffer, prolific author, writer, and thought leader, joins The Leadership Podcast to discuss the current state of leadership. He discusses the criteria for measuring leadership effectiveness, and how we should reinforce caring behavior in our  leaders. Jeffrey is the Thomas D. Dee II Professor of Organizational...

Oct 17, 2018

Chances are, you have been told at some point to just “go with your gut,” or “trust your gut.” Every day we are faced with thousands of decisions, and some just seem to come from within, or a source inside ourselves. Today, Jim and Jan talk about what it really means to trust your gut. They explore the many...

Oct 10, 2018

Lieutenant Colonel Scott Mann, a retired Green Beret, is an expert trust builder and master storyteller. He Joins Jim and Jan to discuss his work helping transition military veterans to civilian life, and the importance of supporting their personal story. Scott gives us a sneak peek into his new play that premiers on...

Oct 3, 2018

In this week’s episode, Jim and Jan share what’s been on their mind. For Jan, it’s all about decision making. How they are made, the processes most organizations are lacking, and how we structure transparency into decisions.


Jim’s been noticing how beautiful things emerge when we embrace networking, and...