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The Leadership Podcast

The Leadership Podcast

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We interview great leaders, review the books they read, and speak with highly influential authors who study them.

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#1 We interview great leaders.
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Mar 28, 2018

Layne Rigney,  the President of Osprey, speaks about his focus on alignment and core values within the company and his passion for working with transitioning veterans.  As a global company, Layne notes the shift he’s seeing in consumer trends and brand loyalty. Listen in to learn from Layne’s decisions in the present day, and when he was the President of CamelBak.


Key Takeaways

[2:23] In his new role at Osprey, the first thing Layne did was focus on bringing back alignment within the company. He did this by getting clear with his team on the values and vision.  

[5:02] When Layne came on to the team he led workshops at the facilities located in Utah, Vietnam and Colorado. They turned the business inside out and figured out how to tap into people’s efforts to bring their vision to life.

[7:17] Layne touches upon why he finds working with veterans so satisfying. He feels they are an underutilized talent pool, and during his time at CamelBak, he saw the many gifts this group had to offer. Now Osprey sponsors programs that help veterans transition into the workforce. The Skip Yowell Future Leadership Academy and the River Leaders Trip are both examples of a commitment to this community.

[12:49] Layne cites the challenges of operating a multi-channel distribution in a global market less about the company and more about technology changing at a rapid pace.  

[14:57] Leaders have to take the best interest of their team and run with it in that direction rather than only abiding by industry trends and what the masses are doing.

[18:46] People are now seeking a relationship with their brands, and base a lot of their purchases on what the company culture is like, where they spend their discretionary funds and the company’s creed.

[19:35] Layne about recruiting and hiring people smarter than the leader. It was a journey for both the business and himself and was an exercise in letting go and relaxing into his own empowerment.

[24:38] Layne likes to set a safe and open environment within Osprey where his employees can feel comfortable to share their own ideas about what has also worked in the past, and what may work in the future.

[33:46] The identification, acquisition and nurturing of talent is a challenge Layne takes very seriously.

[36:42] Layne is committed to spending more time understanding finance and how it changes businesses. He also is looking forward to engaging with the outdoors and the users of the product.



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Quotable Quotes

“You join a business like this because you believe in the product.”


Veterans are a talent reservoir


You have to forge your own path more than ever before.


“Figuring out how to be patriotic within a global brand can be a challenge.”


It takes courage to hire smart people


Build the collective IQ and distribute it!


“Your job as a leader is to basically get people to run through a wall for you.”


“People can smell a fake.”


“Don’t ask a question to make a point.”




Layne M. Rigney is an effective and strategic executive leader with proven experience in global product, sales and business growth as demonstrated by his success leading teams for world class consumer products brands like Osprey, CamelBak, PowerBar/Nestlé USA, and RockShox Inc.

Prior to joining Osprey Packs in 2016, Rigney served as President of CamelBak the $180M global hydration brand. Rigney led the executive team responsible for Sales, Marketing, Product Development, Finance, Operations, and Human Resources. Under his leadership, the sales team successfully increased distribution in highly disparate distribution channels including specialty, online, mass and military outlets. He was instrumental in guiding product and marketing teams to develop differentiated product offerings and marketing strategies to increase revenue world wide. He is a firm believer in organizational alignment and accountability.  


Before joining CamelBak in 2005, Rigney led Franklin Resource Group as Vice President and General Manager of the retail training, merchandising, and execution consulting firm. During his tenure, he led the restructuring and rebranding of the company, acquired new national accounts and grew average revenue per client over 15%.


Recognized for his experience in sales restructuring and growth, Rigney was hired by the founder of PowerBar to reorganize its underperforming Sporting Goods Division. In his first year, Rigney reversed a three-year decline and increased revenues by 22%. Rigney began his career with RockShox in 1992, where he held various positions of increasing responsibility with the creator of modern suspension sys

tems for bicycles.    An industry thought-leader, Rigney serves on the board of Camber Outdoors and the Outdoor Industry Association.


Books Mentioned in this Episode

Steve Jobs by Walter Isaacson