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The Leadership Podcast

The Leadership Podcast

Why do we do this?

We interview great leaders, review the books they read, and speak with highly influential authors who study them.

How we do this?

#1 We interview great leaders.
#2 We review the books great leaders read and write.
#3 We have fun!

Dec 12, 2018

Jim and Jan start the episode with how a second grade class defines a great leader! Leadership is hard, but these young people show that the basics are pretty simple. Also discussed is how we’re happier when we help others, leading with love and courage, and why good leaders provide both positive and negative consequences for meeting or not meeting standards.


Key Takeaways

[2:08} Jim shares the answers that came from the second grade classroom of his friend on what it takes to be a great leader. The kids nailed it with answers like: puts people first, nice to others, encourages us, community helper, honest and responsible, and clean (Jim and Jan will take it as Executive Presence). Judging from answers like this, they feel we are in good hands for the future.

[12:52] We end up finding more joy in helping others than acting as though it’s about us.

[13:54] Great leaders come from a place of love and courage. They are not afraid to put themselves out there for the sake of the team, and come from a growth mindset rather than a fixed mindset.

[17:29] Define what courage is for the team, and identify the last time your team showed courage. If the team is performing based on the core values, there is less of a need for heroes and more of a chance everyone will be connected with the overall mission.

[21:33] Good leaders don’t stand for mediocrity in their team, and they are willing to provide consequences.



  • “Audiences love opposites.” - Chris Schmitt
  • “Cheerful is a good word. We don’t use that enough.”
  • “It’s hard to be a leader when your thoughts are a mess and your plan is a mess.”
  • “The best way to be happy is to work for other people’s happiness.” - Jules Evans
  • “Questions can sometimes be the most courageous statements.”


Leadership B.S. by Jeffrey Pfeffer

Everybody Lies by Seth Stephens - Davidowitz

Philosophy for Life and Other Dangerous Situations by Jules Evans


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